Wednesday 17 August 2011

Light-filled Home

Get ready to be inspired by the gorgeous light-filled home of Sydney interior designer Bronwyn Poole. It's so light and fresh with the white walls, natural coloured floors and large windows. The splashes of green through out the house tie everything together beautifully. Don't you love the fantastic oversized bean bag sofa covered in Imperial Trellis fabric - perfect for three small children.


  1. Lovely home....I really like the open, airy feel to it.

  2. So many fun touches- like the philodendron mobile and the cute little owl lamp in the bedroom...and is that an over-sized bean bag??

  3. Love these! Can't get enough imperial trellis! Considering wallpapering the wall behind our bed with it :) Abbey x

  4. I really love this - such a perfect balance of being light and airy yet still homely. And that giant bean bag - amazing. I'd never want to get out of it! x

  5. Thanks for the comments girls. xxx

    Abbey - I say 'go for it', I want to wallpaper behind our bed too, just trying to decide on the perfect paper.


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