Sunday 28 August 2011

Sunday at Clifton Cafe

We have had the most beautiful weekend. After some really cold winter days, we welcomed the gorgeous sunny days - almost Spring... it felt like Spring today. We headed out with friends to one of our favourite sunny day spots, Clifton Cafe. Nestled between farmland and the beach, it has lots of outdoor seating, a massive adjoining field for the kids to run around in, and dogs are allowed if they're well behaved (of course our Sam is!). The kids all had yummy Rush Munro ice creams while the adults had coffee and huge scones with jam & cream - deelish!

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  1. Oh I love Clifton Cafe! I was also out that way at Clearview. Was such beautiful waether. Amy x

  2. Hi Amy. Yes, Clearview is another favourite spot of ours. So looking forward to lots more warm weather and lot more winery visits. xxx


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