Sunday 21 August 2011


"Tablescapes" - this is a term I've learnt from Anna Spiro over at Absolutely Beautiful Things. It's all to do with placing objects on tables, shelves and mantels, and there is a real art to it. Anna is an expert at it and I am learning from her. Here are just a few examples of hers.

Stacks of beautiful books are really useful, as Jen of Made by Girl will tell you.

These are some of my favourite 'tablescapes' that I have featured in various Cush & Nooks blog articles. As my friend Bec and I were discussing recently, it's all about layering and having varying heights for interest. The fun part is shopping for the interesting pieces to create the looks.


  1. Vic, Loved the post! I especially liked the lamps in all of them.

  2. Pls update Anna Spiro blog name to Absolutely beautiful things.

  3. Hi Neha - thanks, and sorry about the name mix up, I'd just been looking on yours, so had it in my head. Two beautiful blogs! xxx

  4. Hi Vic - Kris from Puffing Troll here - just popped past to say hello and let you know that I love your blog. Gorgeous! As for the tablescapes - I wish. I have the most enormous (ahem, I mean huggable) cat in the whole world called Butcher. He would be a tablescape destroyer of the highest order. Devastated. :-)


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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