Monday 9 July 2012

The Cubby House

We have a cubby house in our backyard with a ladder up one side, a slide down the other, and two swings off the side. It is very well loved by our three girls, who drag their cushions, blankets and toys out there for many an adventure and tea party.

The girls have grown up a bit since then

But this clever family have taken it one step further and created the most amazing hideaway for their kids, complete with a string of festive lights, flower pots, shutters, and chairs and table. I'm tempted to move in myself!

Click here for instructions on how to make this magnificent cubby house


  1. Adorable little girls. That cubby house is fabulous, your husband might have his work cut out for himself now if the girls see these picture.

    My two boys when they were younger made a house in a big Rimu tree in our garden,it used to worry me sick them climbing up there.

    Lee ☺

  2. What an amazing treehouse Vic! I'd be tempted to kick the kids out too! Hope you're feeling much better :)

    Abbey x

  3. Your girls are adorable Vic (if I hadn't already said that) Now, how do we see about getting us an adult cubby house??

  4. That is one adorable tree house. I think i might have to move in there

  5. This is utterly adorable! We had a wooden play house outside that my parents built for us, my mum sewed little curtains and everything for it. I can't wait to do the same for my kids one day!


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