Monday 23 July 2012

World Organic

I spent my Sunday morning at a friend's house trying an amazing new skincare range out, World Organic. My friend, Barbara (we all call her Bar) had been raving about it, and her skin was looking radiant, so I knew I'd have to try it for myself. Bar was introduced to it by her sister-n-law when she was staying with her in Auckland. Her lovely sis (n-law) ran her bath, lit candles, poured her a glass of wine, and left Bar with a cleanser and face mask. Well, she was sold, and that was before the soothing toner, the luminous moisturiser, the revival eye cream... Back home in Napier, not only does Bar own her own range, she loved it so much, she has become a consultant.

The founder of World Organic is Megan Douglas, a medical herbalist and naturopath. Megan's great grandfather was a herbalist and naturopath, as was her grandmother, so she grew up in her family's herbal manufacturing lab and shop. After becoming a successful teenage model and then a well-known fashion designer in London, Megan spent time living in India. Returning to New Zealand to start a family, Megan set about on her journey to create organic skincare and internal remedies. It's a fascinating story, and I urge you to read more over on their website.

Like Bar, I'm a convert now too. The products were all beautiful, and I can't wait to receive my supply later this week. The one I look most forward to is what they quietly call 'botox in a bottle' - Wonder Lift Serum. It's designed to replenish and revitalise tired skin, and you just need a couple of drops under your moisturiser for an instant lift - yay, I could definitely do with that!

If you're at all interested in these fabulous products I encourage you to try them by holding or attending a consultation party. This is not an ad, I'm not getting paid to do this feature, I am genuinely blown away by the products, and so thought I'd share them with you. If you're in Hawke's Bay I can put you in touch with Bar, just drop me an email.


  1. Oh they sound lovely Vic! I love finding great new beauty products! I hope you've been well :)

    Abbey x

  2. I recently made the switch to all-natural and organic facial skincare and I have not looked back. These products look and sound fabulous!


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