Wednesday 18 July 2012

Teen Dream Room

My eldest daughter is fast approaching 10 years old, and her twin sisters are not far behind. With the thought of three teenage girls in the house soon, the idea of a separate living room for them is very appealing. This gorgeous room designed by Emily Mughannam for showcase 2012 would be absolutely perfect. Pop over to Emily's website, Em Design Interiors, and her blog, Lucite + Lavender, to see more.


  1. Oh what I would have given for my own living room as a teenager! This is perfect! That light fitting, those acrylic shelves... going straight into the inspiration folder!

  2. wow! this room is perfect for me!;) amazing!!!

  3. This is fabulous!! My sister and I would have loved a space like this growing up, how gorgeous :) xo K

  4. What a sweet and personalized space. Any girl big or small would be content.


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