Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Rainy Days

It's the first week of the school holidays and it's been raining for days!

I mean this kind of rain...

Raining and pouring!

The kids still want to go out, and the dogs still wants to be walked!

Lucky for me I've got my Hunter boots - yay!

Just a pity I don't have him (just joking!)... (not really!)

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  1. Lol! He would cheer up a rainy day wouldn't he? Here's hoping you get some sunny weather for the school holidays!

  2. Ha! Great post Vic :) I feel your pain. It has been raining so much here also! I need me some Hunter boots too - though typically I can't decide on a colour :)

    Abbey x

  3. Oh no! Hope you get some sunshine soon Vic.


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