Thursday 19 July 2012

Saving Blank Walls, One Print at a Time

I often get emails from my lovely Cush & Nooks facebook and blogger 'friends', asking my advice and recommendations on prints and art. Well, have I got great news for you (particularly all you Kiwis)!... endemicworld have relaunched their new website this very morning.


Opening it's online doors in 2007, endemicworld quickly became known as the home of cool, clever and creative New Zealand design. Now, not only do they have an amazing collection of New Zealand art prints, but also a cool range by international artists. They cover a wide range of styles and mediums to suit all tastes - letterpress and hand-screened prints, affordable reproductions of original painted works, digital illustrations, large format posters, even spray painted stencil and screen-printed combos.

Ever After print by our very own NZ based 'Foundry'

and straight from New York, Talking Heads poster by 'swissted'

To celebrate the re-launch, endemicworld are giving away three framed prints curated to your own style. So pop on over to enter, and check out their fabulous range.


  1. Thanks for another great link Vic! I'm always looking for great art sources, and I'll be forwarding this site on to a bachelor friend of mine too!

  2. Thanks Vic! I've been looking for good prints and art for our walls but finding something affordable and getting it framed is a mish - quite like some of these prints! :)

  3. Ooooh! These are fabulous! Further investigation is definitely needed!

  4. Very cool and very witty (now to go see if that giveaway is open to US residents!)

  5. Ooooh! They are fantastic! Additional analysis is certainly required!


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