Tuesday 4 September 2012

A Clever Use of Space

When you look at these photos, you'll be thinking what a beautiful light and spacious apartment it is. And you'd be right, but...

When you see the floor plan you'll realise it's actually super tiny. But with a clever use of Scandinavian design - white walls, light coloured floor boards, simple yet stylish furniture pieces, black & white colour palette with a splash of bold colours for impact - it has a comfortable, roomy feel. Check out the rest of the house...



  1. What a gorgeous chic apartment! If I lived the city life this would be my ideal home. Amy x

  2. Those clever Scandinavians have done it again! I can relate to living in a tiny house but I must admit that mine is nowhere near as stylish! The recessed shelf above the bed is genius! I also love the simple layout of the kitchen.

  3. Yeah the white really opens up the whole space. Such a gorgeous space and such clever design!

    Abbey x

  4. I always enjoy seeing small spaces put to good use.


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