Thursday 13 September 2012

House Hunting in Sweden

One of my favourite websites is a Swedish real estate site called Alvhem Makleri & Interior. Every home looks like it's straight out of a magazine, with typical Scandinavian flair and style. This particular home is only little, but it's charming, and has some wonderful elements like the beautiful old double doors that once belonged in a castle. The hardest thing, for me, about buying a home from Alvhem would be choosing one, they're all so gorgeous!


  1. Every time I see something Scandinavian, I can't help but think of you Vic! Of course I love this beauty you found - I adore the flooring, the living room and those shelves above the door in the tv room!

  2. I love the white floorboards, I so much want to do this to my rimu floors but my other half is not happy with that idea. I have seen a white wash that goes over the wood but still allows the grain rather than a solid white paint job....maybe I will get my way at some point :)

    Lee :)

  3. Really love this space Vic! The windows are gorgeous. I think they frame the whole look so well. And that living room looks like it would have such a cosy feel :)

    Abbey x


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