Tuesday, 25 September 2012

House For Sale

Yes please, I could quite happily live here. With the parquet flooring in the dining room, the gorgeous tiles and little breakfast nook in the kitchen, the white walls and fab light fittings throughout... And why don't you throw in the beautiful rugs, the artwork, and maybe even that beat up old leather sofa too. Wonder if the kids will like living in Sweden!

More photos here


  1. This home is so beautiful. I could move straight in too. The light fitting in the first pic is great as are the kitchen lights! Thanks for sharing. Yels x

  2. Oh yes, I could happily set up camp here! I'm especially coveting that grey glass-fronted cabinet in the dining room!

  3. Yes could easily live here Vic! Such an understated, gorgeous space.

    Abbey x

  4. That looks like a great, beautiful home. Many nice rooms. I like that brown sofa!! :)) Xx Herma


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