Monday 17 September 2012

Beds for the Bach

We are lucky enough to have a beautiful family lake house (or bach, as we call it here in New Zealand). When it was just Mum, Dad, my two sisters, and brother, we could all easily fit in. But now that we all have kids of our own, it's more of a struggle. Tents are pitched outside, mattresses on the floor... it's not ideal, so we've decided to add some bunk beds. These bunks from Wooden-Beds would be perfect with the additional storage underneath.

Another great option is this guest bed. With spring loaded legs that pop up easily, it can be used as another single bed, or pushed together for a double bed. I love how it rolls away on it's castor wheels when not being used.

This bed has my nine year old daughter's name all over it! She has the tiniest room in the house. She's been asking if she can have a sofa in her room, but you can barely fit her single bed in, so this is a brilliant solution. And how cool is that red chair that pulls out so you can use it as a spare bed, or just a chaise for reading a book, or listening to music!

And I just had to show you this bed, it's so clever! Storage is a necessity for all of us, and by easily pulling the bed up, you can store spare bedding underneath, freeing up the linen cupboard for all those towels you need at a lake house.

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  1. Those beds are amazing
    they look good and are space saving.

  2. I remember desperately wanting a bed that pulled out under mine when I was younger! Nowadays, I go for extra storage so the last bed appeals to me!

  3. How lucky you are to have a family lake house Vic! These beds are great! I used to love my pink bunk bed when I was a kid :)

    Abbey x

  4. I've always really liked loft beds- but I've never seen it with a fold out spare bed. My vote is for that one.

  5. Those beds are fantastic great. It will really help for house that are lack of space.


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