Wednesday 12 September 2012

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With our kitchen and bathroom last on the list of rooms to tackle at our home, I've been gathering together screeds of beautiful images for my inspiration. While researching all the possibilities I came across Topps Tiles, who sell a huge range of wall and floor tiles, laminate and real wood flooring. Not only do they have a fantastic range to choose from, they have a really great inspirational photo gallery, advice and tips from the experts, a style guide, and trend watch so you can see what's hot. 

I know I want tiles in the bathroom, but should I go with a nice clean Scandinavian look,
or appeal to my Bohemian side and throw in some gorgeous Moroccan tiles?

Gloss white ceramic tiles for a clean Scandinavian look

Monaco mosaic sheet tiles look perfect with the bone inlay vanity for an exotic feel

And in the kitchen that old lino definitely has to go. Our back door opens directly into the kitchen, and it's a high traffic area, so lovely big floor tiles would be perfect. But I do love the laminate flooring you can get now, and it's so true to nature that you'd swear it's real wood. Laminate flooring is also really durable, so would be able to withstand the punishment my kids and animals like to dish out on a daily basis. And if I choose a nice blonde colour it would be perfect for my Scandinavian look. What do you think? 

Check out laminate flooring from retailers like Topps Tiles, you'll be amazed at the fantastic range you can choose from.

Two great hardwearing options for your entranceway and kitchen...
porcelain tiles (left) with a stone effect; and anti-slip tiles (right) are perfect for areas that may get wet

I love laminate flooring - hardwearing, versatile, and looks so much like real wood

Subway tiles are top of my list for the kitchen. Try using coloured grout for more definition

These large satin porcelain tiles are gorgeous and super classy


  1. Can't wait to hear what you choose! Our bathroom is on the to-do list this summer but I'm not sure we'll get around to it though, I really want a clean, airy look with lots of white! :) xo K

  2. I had no idea that Topps Tiles was so awesome! My vote definitely goes for the more Bohemian look for the bathroom (those Moroccan tiles are just too beautiful)! And for the kitchen, I am also a huge fan of laminate. Let us know what you pick!

  3. Hmm tough decisions Vic! Subways are a must I agree. I do love wooden floors, such a classic look. The laminate ones look great too. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

    Abbey x

  4. Decisions, decisions! I am a huge fan of subway tiles. But I have to say, the Moroccan tiles you show here are beautiful and so light in colour, that I dare say you would still be able to achieve the look you are going for. I also like the idea of laminate for the kitchen. These days you can find laminate that looks just as great as the real deal (without the price tag and/or upkeep).


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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