Tuesday 25 February 2014

Decorating on a Budget

This 'decorating on a budget' post is based on one very creative Dutch home...

washi tape adds design to an object as well as holding up photos and cards,
and string wrapped around a vase or bottle is delightfully simple and effective

It's a beautiful home with a lovely soft base colour palette. And with the help of washi tape and twine the owner has cleverly incorporated touches of neon pink throughout in a simple and temporary way. It's a fun and very inexpensive way to decorate, and easily removed when you feel like a change. 

Source: Planet Deco via VT Wonen

Why not try one or all of these ideas? And, of course, you could use any colour you like. You can find washi tape here or here, and try coloured cord from here or here.


  1. What a great idea to create an accent colour that can be so easily removed. Especially good in small girls bedroom where they can be so fickle with their favourite colour!! Will use these ideas, thanks Vic! Rx

    1. I agree Rachel. I love a touch of neon, and my 9 yr old twins really love it. These ideas are easy to change when they don't love it so much x


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