Monday 3 February 2014

Armadillo&Co's New Collections

Most of you will know that I'm a huge advocate of Armadillo&Co rugs. I love to use them in my Bibby + Brady designs - the range of patterns and colours, and the fact that you can have many of them custom-made to a specific size is brilliant. And I can't say enough how much I recommend spending a bit more money on a quality rug that will stand the test of time... Armadillo&Co rugs will!

I'm so, fit-to-bursting, excited about their new 2014 collections, they are my favourite designs so far, and I want them all in my home. I'll run through them quickly now, and if you want any more information, or would like to order one of these beautiful rugs, please send me an email.

The Lattitude Collection embraces intrepid world travel, and in a burst of dazzling pattern and colour, gives us a modern twist on an ancient style. 'Kilim Weave' is available in three dynamic designs - Caravan, Nomad and Pilgrim.The rugs are stocked in selected sizes - 1.7m x 2.4m, 2m x 3m, 2.5m x 3.5m, with custom size available upon request.

Kilim Weave - Caravan - Peony Multi-Colour

Kilim Weave - Caravan - Cerise Multi-Colour

Kilim Weave - Nomad - Fern Multi-Colour

Kilim Weave - Nomad - Polenta Multi-Colour

Kilim Weave - Pilgrim - Cumquat/Fuchsia/Fog

Kilim Weave - Pilgrim - Teal/Walnut/Gunmetal

Kilim Weave - Pilgrim - Polenta/Fog/Slate

The recently launched Armadillo&Co Junior Collection was so well received that founders, Jodie and Sally, have taken it one step further. Flower Weave's delightful 'Daisy' and 'Dandelion' designs have been reintroduced with the addition of coloured wool to contrast with the natural hemp. The gorgeous pure New Zealand wool is braided and coiled like the hemp to give cohesion in the combination of materials. They are absolutely delightful, there is no doubt in my mind that the kids will love them.

Daisy - Multi-Colour

Daisy comes in three colourways and two sizes - Multi-Colour and Cerise Multi-Colour are available in 0.98m and 1.55m diameter. Fog Multi-Colour only comes in the 0.98m size.

Daisy - Cerise Multi-Colour

Daisy - Fog Multi-Colour

The original Daisy all natural colourway is now also available in the larger size of 1.55m.

Daisy - Natural

The gorgeous Dandelion Multi-Colour is available in 1.55m diameter size - love it!

Dandelion - Multi-Colour

Dandelion - Multi-Colour

Are you as excited as me?! I hope so. These rugs are a real investment, and the quickest way to add some fabulous 'WOW' to your home. I'd be more than happy to help you with your order, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to purchase one of these beauties.


  1. Wow is right! Internal squeal of delight at the Cumquat/Fuchsia/Fog design. Imagining that in my dining room right now..

    1. I know Sarah! I'm thinking the teal/walnut/gunmetal for my living room, but I love the fuchsia colourway too. Let me know if you want to order one, and I can help :) x


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