Tuesday 4 February 2014

Magazine Update

February already, the year is off with a sprint. With the start of the new month comes a whole raft of new online magazine issues. It's a brilliant time to get inspired.

My favourite Adore had a fantastic budget edition just out, with lots of amazing ways to decorate your home on a shoestring budget. I love the spotty drapes created by hand-painting the spots onto some inexpensive ready-made curtains.

And the overlays that you can buy to zhush up Ikea furniture are genius!

Make sure you check out the article on one of my favourite artists, Belinda Marshall. And if you love her work you can purchase it in my shop.

The cover of the new Est magazine captured my heart! The gorgeous green sofa with one hit of kaleidoscope colour is just divine. With cushions set upon pull out drawers, this makes a perfect kid's living room sofa.

I was blown away by the artwork of Heather Chontos, who suddenly became blind at 14 years old, until her sight was slowly restored months later. That drastically changed the way she saw light and colour, and her artwork is simply beautiful. Everything can be a canvas for Heather, even her white Eames chair, which I love.

And this issue of Lonny is actually their December/January issue, but it's so full of gorgeous inspiration I wanted you to check it out before the new issue arrives. These two images below are my favourite, but there's so much more to see.

If you love these looks, you can recreate them with beautiful key tassels and kantha quilts from my shop.

Happy reading!


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