Friday 6 June 2014

Armadillo&Co | New Rugs

I've just received images of the latest releases from Armadillo&Co, my favourite rug designer and supplier, and I love them all. Let me introduce you...

'Sierra Weave' is a beautiful wool rich blend available in the delicious natural colours of pumice, silt, and chalk. Reminiscent of a soft, cosy jumper, it will bring warmth and fabulous texture into your room.

One of the first Flower Weave designs, 'Zinnia', is back better than ever. Available in natural and pewter, it's 5ft (1.55m) in diameter.

A new member of the Flower Weave family is 'Geranium', woven from 100% soft Bangladeshi hemp. Bringing personality and earthy charm to any space, Geranium is a generous 6ft (1.8m) in diameter. You'll be pleasantly surprised how soft these Flower Weave rugs are, they're simple gorgeous!

The Junior Collection is so delightful and it just keeps getting better. These four new designs combine muted, natural backgrounds with eye-catching colour. Available in two sizes - 1.4x2m and 1.7x2.4m.






If you want any further information, or would like to purchase any Armadillo rugs, send me an email. A rug is such an important part of your room, and adds such great impact. An Armadillo rug will be a welcome investment for your home.

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