Tuesday 24 June 2014

Handira Blanket | Three Ways

I've long admired the beauty of the Handira, or Moroccan wedding blanket. They bring a beautiful texture, subtle pattern, and a touch of Bohemian chic to a space. The blankets are hand woven from sheep's wool, cotton, linen, and hundreds of mirrored sequins, by the Berber women of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They're created in anticipation of a wedding by the bride's female relatives, and can take days, even weeks to complete. The blanket is worn by the bride as a cape during the ceremony, and after the wedding she takes it to her new home.

I've just acquired one of these Moroccan wedding blankets (much to my delight!), and I'm now deciding where it should go in our home. I first thought I'd put it at the end of our bed...

Maybe as a throw on our sofa...

But I also love the idea of hanging it on the wall...

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Which do you prefer? If you're interested in a Handira for your own home, send me an email, I can help you with your purchase.


  1. I know someone who is looking for one Vic. I will give them your details. X

    1. Thanks Amy, I can email her a few photos x


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