Monday 23 June 2014

Cool Edies' Style at Home

For some time now I've been a big fan of the bold and edgy work of the super stylist Sydney duo, Lucy Tweed and Jane Frosh, aka Cool Edies. The pair have worked on some incredible events, and with some amazing names, so I was really excited to come across a sneak peek into both their homes recently on the homelife website.

Lucy shares her home with her husband and son, Andrew and James, and has a new baby on the way. As I imagined, her home is effortlessly cool with lots of gorgeous, eclectic pieces that help create a home with loads of personality and style.

Jane has a similar family dynamic to me with a husband, three lovely kids, and three dogs. I absolutely love her marriage of vintage and industrial, and it's exciting to see someone who likes to mix patterns as much as I do.

Pop over to homelife for more details, and to the Cool Edies website to read more about Lucy and Jane's work.

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  1. Adoring the classy antique furniture in this setting. So full of personality. Rx


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