Tuesday 17 June 2014

Nook of the Month

My blog is named after my grandparents "Cush & Nooks", who were both very influential in my life. It also seemed like the perfect name for a blog about interiors, especially with my love of cushions and cosy nooks! I'm delighted to be writing a monthly column in Your Home and Garden magazine called "Nook of the Month", it seems fitting.

Small spaces are so fun to work with, but often need a bit of creative thinking. Sometimes a tiny space will be completely overlooked, so the Nook of the Month is a regular dose of inspiration to show you how to best utilise that unused corner in your home. Here are the first three Nooks...

hall library: Finding room in your current space can be difficult, but many homes have extra space
hiding behind the walls. When space is at a premium it's important to use it cleverly. This built-in sofa
and bookshelf provide seating and storage without taking up any of the hallway. The high-mounted bookshelf draws your eye up to help create a feeling of space, and turns what is often an under-utilised area of the house into a cosy mini library. Your walls are full of studs, pipes and wires, so get a builder
to do some detective work to assess the space first, then plan your perfect reading nook.

breakfast bar: You'll often have little pockets and nooks in your home - use them to their full potential. This small kitchen alcove could have been filled with cupboards for more storage, but by turning it into
a mini breakfast bar it has created the perfect spot for a casual meal or the kids' afternoon tea. The
tiled wall makes it practical for cleaning, and the stools tuck neatly away under the bar when not in use.
A mirror is a faithful tool for creating the illusion of more space, and gives a view back into the kitchen.
And a low-hung light is practical, looks fantastic, and adds a nice contrasting texture to the natural wood.

study space: You don't need an entire room for your office, often a little nook or cupboard
will suffice. It can be as simple as removing a cupboard door, stripping the inside, and adding
a single shelf for your computer. But if you want to create a seriously cool study space, get your
local chippy to custom build your workbench and storage options. The cupboards overhead are
an excellent use of space, and you could even add downlighting. The wallpaper helps to define
the area and, along with a few personal touches, makes it an enjoyable space to work in.

This is July's Nook, and the magazine is on newsstands now. Isn't it a fabulous and fun space?! You'll have to pick up a copy to see what I wrote about it :)

To keep up with all the future "Nooks" why not get a subscription to Your Home and Garden. I'm writing the August nook at the moment, and I know you're going to love it!


  1. Love your nook of the months Vic. Well done you!! xx

  2. I enjoy reading your column in Your Home and Garden mag and particularly loving this months nooks x

    1. Thanks Norma. Yes, this month's is so cute! x

  3. I love your Nook of the Month feature in Your Home & Garden month Vic, particularly July's Nook! Keep up the small space inspiration.

    feather the nest x


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