Friday 6 April 2012

Dressing your Walls

I had an enquiry from one of my lovely Facebook friends recently. She wanted me to help her with some cost-effective ideas for decorating her walls. I know that, over time, I have posted quite a few inspirational photos to my Facebook page that could help her, so I have decided to put a whole bunch of them together into one post. This way it should be easier for her, and anyone else interested, to be inspired and hopefully find something just perfect. All photos come from my Facebook page, which has the appropriate credits.

Magazines usually have beautiful covers - make a feature of them on your wall

A collection of colourful plates can look quite stunning grouped together

Something as simple as a couple of vintage keys on a nail can look amazing

A picture wall always looks cool - I love using kids' art, cards, and favourite prints

Hooks are not only practical, but can work as a feature if you hang attractive bags, scarves, coats etc.
The ones on the right are vintage shoe forms - brilliant!

I love this art piece created by a collection of old board games & dart boards

Write your favourite lyrics or quote using washi tape, or get creative
- this old bed frame has been turned into a way to display photos and post cards

One of my favourite ideas - attach baskets to the wall as a form of shelving

There is a bit of an art to grouping photos & cards together,
but if you can nail it (not literally), it can look fantastic

Think outside the square - turn old racquets into mirrors

A collection of colourful pictures printed out and layered looks gorgeous

Wallpaper samples and off-cuts can also look lovely when layered over one another

Group small images - on the left is snippets of children's art,
and on the right a collection of beautiful skies makes a stunning piece of art

Another example of a successful grouping

I love this simple wall shelf with various frames and letters layered


  1. I LoVe the selection of pics.
    I'm so inspired but too tired to attempt anything else today......
    Have a 'Good Friday!'
    Scandi Coast Home

  2. The second image and the one with the baby's nursery are my favorites. But, overall, a great assortment of ideas for your reader.

  3. I love the overlapped wallpaper idea and the grouping of skies to form a larger art piece.

    Vic, you left a lovely comment on my Moroccan post today but somehow it didn't get published and vanished into cyberspace, would you please mind if you could comment again, sorry to be such a pain but I really do appreciate these comments.


  4. So much inspiration here Vic! I particularly love the images grouped around the door frame as well as the collection of sky pics! Hope the rain lets up and you and yours have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. Great post, lots of inspiration, love the first image. I have limited space in my studio bookshelf and think I might do something like this with my art books as I have a big blank wall on one side of the room that I need to do something with. Wondering how they have fixed those books as they will be pretty heavy.



It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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