Thursday 12 April 2012

Pops of Colour & Light

This Toronto, Canada home is oozing character, and filled with pops of beautiful colour and light. Carolyn and Derek Gavin live here with their daughter, Lily and English bulldog, Ziggy. Carolyn's South African background is evident in art and furniture throughout. In fact the couple bought some of their paintings before they could afford furniture. They then worked the rest of the home around the colourful style.

Slate tiles in the entrance are great for wet shoes and muddy boots

A collection of baskets look stunning above a Nguni bar stool, all from South Africa

A sofa recovered in Carolyn's favourite colour, hot pink - you'll find it a lot in their home

The painting was a 40th birthday present and influences the colour scheme for the home

The chalk board covered island is a good spot for kids to create while cooking is in progress

What a lovely spot to curl up and read a book or just hang out

Ziggy waits for Lily to come home to her gorgeous Gypsy Pink bedroom

For more pics and the full story click here


  1. I'm so pleased that there's at least one other couple out there who bought art before they had furniture!!!

  2. Isn't all the colour lovely? I especially like the girl's room, but then, I would! We plan to put all our girls 'artwork' up on the playroom wall this weekend as I love seeing kids' work in their own spaces. Also LOVE all the slate! Annie x.

  3. Love this house, colours are gorgeous! My daughter's is overseas & currently in Sth America, she would love these colours!

  4. Hi Vic,
    I picked up the April/May Homestyle magazine today and I was so suprised to see you in there !! :)
    You have a very very beautiful home xx

    1. Thanks Gaby : ) I've done quite a bit more since that photo shoot - it's a work in progress. xxx

  5. Oooh how beautiful! Of course I love the African influences (tad biased I know) but I the real star of the show is that gorgeous reading nook!

  6. What great use of colour. It's hard to pick a favourite. But the Nguni seating...


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