Monday 23 April 2012

Jade Jagger's Indian Abode

I've died and gone to heaven!... well, close, It's actually Jade Jagger's gorgeous home in Goa, India. I just adore the sumptuous mix of patterns in the textiles and china; and all the different textures - woven mats over slate tiles, delicate china plates sitting on rustic wood shelves; cottons & silks... heaven!

Love those handles

My favourite!

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  1. Oh where to begin with the loveliness!? The door handles, the copper pots holding cutlery, the wall finishes, the bedding... I want it all!

  2. Wow, its gorgeous, I could so use an escape like that, I'm surprised actually that it's in India. I just always think of the poverty I saw when I was there many years ago. I haven't been to Goa though, I believe it is really lovely. India is somewhere I want to go back to as I was only a child when I went there with my parents.

    I love her collection of vintage tea plates.

    Lee ☺

  3. Jade is one very cool chic so I'm not at all surprised by how fabulous this is! Great find Vic :)

    Abbey x

  4. It looks like a dream.. beautiful pictures!!
    I ♥!!
    With lovely greetings, Herma

  5. The textiles!! Need I say more?!


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