Tuesday 3 April 2012

London House tour

My blogger friend, Marina, author of Iced Vovo's, was lucky enough to look after a house on the Livingetc house tours recently. The event took place on two separate days, offering exclusive access to up to 16 homes situated in North London or West London - now that's my kind of sight seeing!

The kitchen/dining area in the home Marina looked after is a previous favourite of mine, with it's Persian rug and mismatched chairs. So I was really excited to see the rest of the house.

I'll start with the guest bedroom because I am so taken with the sumptuous blue velvet chair - the colour and shape are just divine, and the hint of blue in the vase above connects the chair to the rest of the black & white colouring.

The master bedroom has more classic black & white, and the skull print adds colour and a bit of edge. The mirrored-back wardrobe is a restored shop display cabinet - brilliant! This is apparently a trend in London, as Marina said that a lot of the homes on the tour featured such cabinets. In contrast, vintage apple crates have been used for shoe storage.

In the living room a pair of horns and an antique leather carver chair sit comfortably side by side with an industrial light and push bike. Mixing together antiques, mid-century pieces and salvaged finds has allowed it's owners to well and truly stamp their mark on this home. And that's what a home should be all about.


  1. That blue velvet chair is fabulous isn't it?! I also love the entrance. We're currently in a single level villa and I so miss walking in and seeing the stairs to the (messy) bedrooms and through to the living and garden. Next house! Annie x.

  2. Love a touch of velvet in the bedroom! I'm also taken with the traditional black and white toile bedspread combined with the modern skull print - unexpected, but it works!

  3. THIS is MY kind of sightseeing too- we just don't have enough of this. Gorgeous rooms.

  4. It did sound like an amazing thing to be part of. Lucky marina! This house is divine and I'm with you about that fabulous blue velvet chair :)

    Abbey x

  5. These are gorgeus. What a great idea. Id love to sightsee this way!

  6. Awww ... thanks for the link back Vic!
    The tour was so much fun ... its always lovely taking a peek into other peoples homes!


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