Thursday, 26 April 2012

Prints & Posters

I'm always on the hunt for cool prints and posters to liven up our walls, particularly (at the moment) my three girls' rooms. My problem is trying to decide which ones, there are so many I like. Here are just a few of my current favs...

Multi-Triangles | Smile


Lion | Toucan

Masked | Le Chat

I also wanted to let you know that I'm off on our 'girl's weekend away' - just me and four of my besties. Not a huge shopping trip like last year in Wellington, we're heading to the bach at Taupo this time, so there will be lots of bubbles on the deck, long walks, maybe a chick flick, and much hilarity! Our children will be in the very capable hands of our husbands - thanks goodness my eldest can help with her little sisters' hair, otherwise they would look like cave kids by Sunday : ) We leave tomorrow, so will catch you all back here next week.

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Oh, and if anyone is interested in putting your order in for one of the beautiful Indian quilts that I am getting for the Cush & Nooks store, drop me an email. You can see the different styles and colours on my Facebook page. A gorgeous 100% cotton lightweight bedspread or quilt, they feature a bright and modern floral motif on the front, and plain, off-white cotton on the reverse. Layers of cloth have been sewn together using thousands of small and delicate 'Kantha' stitches. Hand embroidered in West Bengal, these increasingly popular bedspreads or throws provide the artisans with their livelihood.

They measure 150cm x 225cm and will be on sale for NZ$180.00 + $10 shipping. I will be placing the order next week, and then they will take a couple of weeks to come from India.


  1. Love the quilts Vic - they will be a fabulous addition to your shop. Always good getting some lovely colourful, new things into NZ! Have a fantastic weekend away you lucky thing; it sounds perfect. I am so envious so have a bubbles for me please! PS - love your cave kids comment...that's exactly what I came back to last time!!! Annie x.

  2. The Lion and the Toucan are my favourites! Enjoy the girls weekend, I want to hear all about it when you get back!

  3. Hey!! I wish you, and your girls, and your friends very nice & funny & happy days!! Enjoy together!!
    I love the "smile"-print very very much!! And the "Batman-girl" is so cool.. ♥!
    With love, Herma
    ps:thanks for your ♥ comment on my last blog-post :))

  4. Those gorgeous quilts will sell like hot cakes Vic!
    How fabulous to have a weekend away with the girls! Have a wonderful time :)

    Abbey x

  5. The FÜR NEIL poster is especially cute and those quilts are beautiful. Hope you have an amazing weekend with your girlfriends!

  6. LOVE the "smile" print! And LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedspread - we are about to renovate our bedroom - that quilt is perfect!


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