Tuesday 24 April 2012

Kilim Rugs

I fell in love with Kilim rugs when I started seeing them starring in several of the beautiful homes I've featured, and I vow to have at least one in our own home by the end of this year. The one below is one of my favourites from Loom in Melbourne.

The word 'kilim' describes a hand-woven rug with a smooth surface and no pile (as opposed to Persian rugs). Famous for their rich colours, warm tones, and beautiful geometric designs, each kilim is unique - even with new production, no two are identical. The Greeks, Romans, Armenians, Kurds, Assyrian and Turkic people have all contributed to kilim history, and now you will find them in many Western homes, looking fabulous and adding a touch of boho.

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  1. I've wanted one for our bedroom for soooo long now but the ones I like are a little pricey! My favourite is the one under the dining room table in the second pic.

  2. Lovely post, I have a rug very similar to the second image. I actually have a collection of Persian rugs but they are still in the Middle East, I had to leave the others as they are too big for this little house.

    I just moved mine from my studio to the living area to add a little more colour. My rug is Iranian from the Iranian market in Abu Dhabi. It has a really deep shaggy fringe on it which I have not seen before. Mine is reds and blues just like that second image.

    Lee ☺

    1. You lucky thing, Lee, sounds gorgeous. What a shame you had to leave your Persian rugs behind. x

  3. These are really fabulous Vic! You should definitely uphold that vow and get one for your home :)

    Abbey x


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