Tuesday 2 April 2013

Amelia Eicholz's Colour Love

My home is full of colour, I love the vibrancy and energy it brings. And so, it would seem, does Amelia Eicholz, whose home is a gorgeous work of art. Beautiful bursts of colour are found in books, art and accessories throughout her Boston apartment.

With a stack of amazing creative jobs under her belt, including working with a well-known jewelry designer, and the design team at Anthropologie, Amelia now has her own art consultancy business called Colour BlocShe has the enviable task of helping people select the perfect art piece for their home or office; as well as discovering emerging, talented artists, and assisting them to get their work out to the public.

Amelia suggests getting adventurous with colour in your home. She chose a deep blue for her walls to create the perfect backdrop for her vibrant artwork. But if bold colours on the wall is too big a step for you, introduce it in smaller bites in cushions, flowers and accessories.

I've always been a believer that interior and fashion design regularly crossover. Amelia's interior style is much like her fashion sense - she starts with classic, neutral elements, and dresses them up with pattern and colour. Quite fitting then that the quote on her website home page is "art is the jewelry of the home".

For more of Amelia's home, you can see it on The Glitter Guide.


  1. I guess that explains her amazing art collection as well. I really like the home office tucked into the corner.

  2. Gorgeous! Amelia oozes style and confidence - very inspiring - thanks for sharing Vic x

  3. I think she has my dream job! I tend to shy away from bright colours in my home but I can't resist a vibrant and bold piece of art!


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