Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Ocean Three Ways

My husband is a mad-keen surfer, in fact he loves all kinds of water sports. Our three daughters share his love of the water. But me, I have to admit to being very much a land lover! Even though I'm not in any hurry to get into the ocean, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate it's beauty. And to prove it, let me show you three images I love, all inspired by the ocean.

I would really like this piece of art in our home. The sheer size of the photo makes it a strong piece with major impact, but it creates such a sense of calm and beauty...

At first glance this looks like water right?! Well, it's stained, polished concrete - so gorgeous! You'd feel like you were standing on a glass floor above the sea...

And this is so cool! I love words and typography, and these words would speak volumes to the surf hubby. I need to find an old board so I can recreate it for him...

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What about you... are you drawn to the ocean, or do you prefer your feet firmly planted on the ground?


  1. My husband is the same Vic, loves to surf. I love being by the water but don't feel the urge to get involved in the water sports!

    Abbey x

  2. I am constantly looking at pictures of bodies of water to buy or replicate. I love the size of the first one you have up and stunning color! The second one almost looks like fabric.

  3. Well they do say that the cure to all ills is salt water (sweat, tears and the sea) and it's a mantra that I live by. I love the water but am happy just to paddle around in the shallows. I had to pin those concrete floors!

  4. Ooh.. I just came across a stained concrete similar to this the other day on Pinterest. Amazing! x

  5. It's amazing, I wonder how heavy it is being made out of concrete. I was asked by someone to paint the sea in an abstract way, it's something I haven't yet tackled but living near the sea myself I am now wondering whats stopping me.

    Lee :)

  6. I love the ocean too- not necessarily swimming (as I am also quite afraid of it!) but just being near it. Unfortunately, closest beach to where we are is about a 2 hour drive. Then, it's not even beautiful water like what you show in the first image. It's the muddled green-grey waters of the Jersey Shore. So sad. Love the board idea though.


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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