Monday 29 April 2013

Keeping It Fresh

In my home I am forever moving things around. I love creating little vignettes, but after a while I like to change things around - it keeps it fresh. Your home should be constantly evolving, sometimes in small, subtle ways, and sometimes in more major ways.

The gorgeous home of Nordic blogger, Edina Sæther, is a perfect example of this. In her beautiful blog, Nordic Leaves, Edina will often post photos of her home. Look closely and you'll see the constant movement, the subtle changes as she moves her envious collection of objects around to create fresh looks.

Change your cushions around, swap your pictures, or add a new art piece. Edina created a more drastic change in her living room by painting the back wall from black to white, changing her art, and adding some cool Muuto shelving. Both looks work really well but create different moods.

With the change of season it's a great time to have a change. Move some furniture around, look at your home with fresh eyes - what's looking a bit tired, what could do with a re-zhush? And if you need any help, contact Dael or I at Bibby + Brady, we'd be more than happy to be your fresh set of eyes.


  1. I'm always moving things about too Vic. Love the coral and gold tones with the black and white :)

    Abbey x

  2. It's been a while since I had the creative energy to shift things about in my home, which is annoying because I rent so it's pretty much the only change I can make. Thanks for the inspiration Vic! x

  3. I agree. I'm constantly inspired by Edina's home styling and the way she rearranges things, even just subtle changes... and of course an amazing new purchase here and there helps!! x

  4. I am slowly making my seasonal accessory transition... hard to do when Spring/warm weather doesn't want to budge..

  5. Beautiful whites!

    I'm always moving things about too. ;-)


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