Monday 22 April 2013

Baz*ar and Saben

On Friday evening Dael & I popped in to see the lovely girls, Hayley Stuart & Nardine Kelly, at their fabulous shop Baz*ar The Empire. A newbie to Ahuriri, Napier, BAZ*AR is a little slice of heaven with fabulous, hand-picked fashion and accessories from quality designers. You always get a warm welcome from Hayley and Nardine, and the shopping experience never fails to delight you - not only because of the beautiful clothes, but you'll often find bowls of lollies, or plates of cookies dotted amongst the accessories to treat you.

Friday night was a collaboration with Saben, so we could see their new season trends, and drool over the beautiful range of bags, clutches and wallets. Being greeted with individual bottles of bubbles, and a free manicure with Ruby polish was a great start to the evening.

Then the gorgeous and vivacious Brooke Fairgray took us through Saben's latest range - once known as Saben's sales and marketing manager, Brooke's now known as 'coffee drinking, secret sharing chaos maker'. Each bag has it's own name - Harper, Madison and Chloe (to name just a few), and Brooke talks about them as if they're her babies. "They all have their own personalities" she laughs. Dael's favourite was Charlie - Giraffe, and, although I could've happily walked out with half a dozen different styles, if I had to choose just one, it'd be the Caroline clutch. The perfect size, and sporting a classic purse clasp, it's reversible, making it super versatile. Use one side for day, and flip it over for a glamorous evening purse.

Giant black & white posters adorning the walls feature some of Saben's most stylish friends modelling their favourite Saben pieces. Brooke explained the Portraits of Style campaign, and I love the concept. Celebrating individual style, Saben asked their friends to show us how they wear their favourite piece and had photographer, Mike Rooke capture their personality. No professional models here, just super stylish people, including the lovely Nardine from Baz*ar. What's your favourite bag, and what would you prefer your title to be?
I think I'd be 'bubbly drinking, animal loving colour junkie'!

The Sabenettes - Anna McAlister, Roanne Jacobson (designer), & Brooke Fairgray

Nardine Kelly - owner of Baz*ar The Empire

Alex Blanco & Mino Kim - street-style blogger & photographer for Foureyes

Kylie Cooke - fashion stylist


  1. Looks like a fab evening. Probably a good thing I didnt go. My wallet would have taken a hammering. xxx

  2. What fun Vic! Everything looks gorgeous :) have a great day!

    Abbey x

  3. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night (and great to see a piccie of you)! I've got my eye on that black leather bag with the animal print sides - GORGEOUS!

  4. I need to visit Napier! Love the interior - couldn't help but notice the tree stumps and touches of gold. And of course Saben bags everywhere - heaven! Great pics x


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