Tuesday 4 June 2013

Apartment with Soul

I found this Madrid apartment via Pinterest, and was immediately drawn to the little round table (pic 3) surrounded by Eames chairs - I have much love for round tables! On further investigation I discovered the rest of this tiny apartment, and loved the open plan living area so much I had to share it with you. Yes it's small, but it feels cosy and fun and full of life.

Round tables are the perfect solution in a small space. And I love the black wallpaper in the kitchen - it helps define the area in the open plan space, and gives it some depth.

The many rugs add a sense of warmth and cosiness, softening the wooden floors. A variety of Eames chairs bring practicality as well as being almost sculptural.

To see more photos of this apartment, pop over here.


  1. Love the exposed bricks against those black walls Vic. Yes you are right. its looks fun! Amy x

  2. That black wall covering in the the kitchen and the exposed brick...yes and yes again.

  3. Very clever use of space - loving the round table too - and such gorgeous styling. Pure eyecandy! x

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