Tuesday 25 June 2013

Brooklyn Beauty

I came across a home recently on Design*Sponge that I just had to feature, for two reasons - I wanted to share the 'awesomeness' with you; and I wanted to have it in my archives, as there is so much I admire about the interior design.

The owners, a young, adventurous couple in Brooklyn, hired Jessica Helgerson and her project manager, Chelsie Lee, to design them a modern, colourful and playful home. I'm a big fan of JHID, you can read an earlier post on them here.

The master bedroom features a charcoal grey which contrasts beautifully with the other white walls. It lines up with the dark headboard, carries on over on the roof, and down the opposite wall. This creates a cocoon effect, and makes the brightly coloured pillows 'pop'. The turquoise bench and the headboard are JHID designs.

A two-tone paint effect was repeated in the guest bedroom for a striking effect. The white bedding looks so fresh against the vivid Indian textiles.

The dining table is another JHID creation with two long slabs of walnut joined by a series of butterfly joints in various shades of turquoise. The chairs are also lacquered in a bright turquoise, and the bookshelf behind echoes the two-toned, diagonal paint effect used in the guest bedroom.

The kitchen is beautifully simple, sporting the most gorgeous custom made bar stools, and beyond, three perfect pendants.

I love the family room with it's giant built-in sectional sofas, which are covered in 18 vintage Peruvian blankets that the interior designers collected over several months. Some of the left over fabric was used to make the pillows in the master bedroom, which helps create a sense of continuity. Once again charcoal paint is used, following the line of the stairs, wrapping over the ceiling and down the other side.

The outdoor furniture repeats the turquoise from inside on the powder coated metal.

This view from the back garden showcases the stunning family home which is clean, modern, colourful, and also cosy and inviting.


  1. Snap!! I featured this home today too... such a stunner x

  2. This is one very cool house. Actually looks liveable, too - not pristine and no touching allowed. Love the Peruvian rugs/cushions. Not so in love with the spare bedroom colours, but hell, you can;t please 100% of the people 100% of the time!! The outdoor furniture is very very stylie! And the kitchen table - oh joy!

    1. There's so much to drool over in this home Rachel - I love all the custom made furniture and the clever use of paint. x

  3. What a fabulous home, they have gone very bold with colour, however its really stylish and it works wonderfully. Love the back of the shelving unit, very clever!

    Lee :)

  4. This home has just hurtled to one of my favourite (if not THE favourite) bright and colourful homes! I particularly like the contrast of the bright colours against the black background like in the living room and the bedroom.

  5. I just love how saturated and bold all of those colours are. No fear of deep hues here.


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