Monday 10 June 2013

Home on Wheels

Caravans are right up there with my ever-lasting love of lofts. Both delighted me as a child, and continue to as an adult. It probably started with the book series "Mr Galliano's Circus" that I read as a kid. There's something so endearing about a tiny home on wheels, especially when it's as beautiful as this 1972 Airstream Landyacht owned by Charity D'Amato.

After extensive structural work and interior redesign, the caravan is now the perfect 'glamping' vacation home. Sleek high gloss white enamel creates a light, bright and airy interior. The Mini Modern wallpaper is, in my opinion, the hero, and helps to set the nautical theme which is repeated throughout.

I'd be very happy to head off for the weekend in "Amelia the Airstream". For more information hop over and read the original feature on Design*Sponge.


  1. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with caravans, stemming from long summer holidays cooped up in a musty cramped caravan belonging to my strange grandparents (funnily enough when I met Jordan, his grandparents had one too and the cycle began again). Saying that, they are wonderfully quirky and cosy and I think I would love to go exploring with the one you featured - I don't remember caravan bathrooms ever being that cool!

  2. Oh no, those don't sound like fun caravans, Meghan. We spent a lot of our childhood tramping and camping. This is much more my style these days - 'glamping', that's me :) x

  3. I agree - glampling is the way to go, and this caravan looks good to me. Love the colour scheme and fun vibe! x

  4. I don't know if this is for me...But there is no denying how adorable this is.


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