Wednesday 5 June 2013

Book Storage Three Ways

Books and magazines are a very important part of my life. I'd happily spend hours in a bookstore being seduced by the beautiful covers and that new book scent. I'd just as happily spend hours curled up with a good book, getting lost in the pages.

Because of my ever-growing collection of reading material, I'm always on the hunt for great storage and display ideas. Here are three quite different, but equally fabulous solutions...

I love these Booksee Shelves from Ubabub. The clear acrylic shelves allow you to store your favourite books while displaying their beautiful covers, and making them easy to find and access for your little bookworms. The lip comes up high enough so the books won't topple off, and the clear acrylic gives a seamless, uninterrupted view.

I was instantly smitten with the Martini 4 Seater Chaise from Bigsave Furniture. The arm of the modular section has a built in bookcase, also a handy place for your remote controls, and for resting your coffee cup on top. When I made an enquiry about it I discovered that it comes in a range of fabric and colours and, even better, is on sale until the end of June.

And how adorable are these Handpainted Bunny Bookends from Anthropologie?! I recently bought a set of golden pig bookends for my daughter's bedroom, but these ones are gorgeous too. A little bit vintage, they remind me of the books and fairytales I used to love as a kid.


  1. I love the bunnies and the sectional sofa, I really should have chosen a sectional sofa for my living room.

  2. I agree, love love love books! The Ubabub Shelves are awesome. Those guys are so clever - I've always admired their incredible cots too x

  3. I regularly take clothes to the charity shop but find it harder to part with books. as a result I'm always looking for attractive storage ideas. Those clear acrylic shelves are so original.

  4. I really like how the clear acrylic turns the books into floating art work on the wall.

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