Thursday, 27 June 2013

Gordon Johnson

I came across the work of furniture designer and cabinet maker, Gordon Johnson, recently and was immediately smitten with the beautiful sleek, clean lines. I love the "complexity of the simplicity" - this is a favourite line of mine I borrowed from an artist I heard speak once - it's so true of Gordon's designs, which are timeless and understated.

custom made kitchen

custom made kitchen cabinetry

floating shelves

Based in Melbourne, Gordon has a meticulous eye for detail. He designs, builds and installs all of his work, which includes custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, bedroom furniture, fixed shelving and storage, entertainment units, coffee tables... I'm sure there's not much he couldn't turn his hand to. I only wish he lived closer to me, lucky Melbournites!

bed and bedside drawer

children's bed and cabinetry

American walnut bathroom cabinet


  1. That two tone couch is just gorgeous! You have a lovely blog. x

    1. Thanks Judith. Yes, love that couch too. x

  2. I LOVE Gordon's work - I just pinned these images the other day. Did you know that he was Lucy Feagin's partner? x

    1. What a match made in heaven, Michelle :) x

  3. Functional and a pleasure to look at. (Also really like the plant stand in the first image.)


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