Monday, 17 June 2013

Petite Kitchen Recipe Journal

I am really excited to have added this delicious, and beautifully photographed recipe book to the Cush & Nooks online shop. The recipes that you'll find in Petite Kitchen will inspire you and nourish every aspect of your life.

Created by Eleanor Ozich, each recipe comes from her heart, and is as nature intended it to be, simple! Her road to simple eating began when her 4 year old daughter, Izabella, developed what was seemingly incurable, severe eczema. After countless doctors and specialists visits, still no one could explain the cause of Izabella's condition, nor the impact it had on her behavior.

Finally naturopath, Jennifer Garrett, was able to provide them with the answers they were looking for. She explained that Izabella was suffering from Gut and Psychology Syndrome (also known as GAPS), which is an imbalance of bad gut bacteria causing toxins. The result was her eczema and her extreme mood fluctuations.

The remedy was simple - change Izabella's diet. Eliminating grain, sugar, additives and preservatives, and adopting a simple, clean way of eating has made a world of difference. Izabella is now healthy and happy, and her eczema and behavioral problems are a distant memory. The change of diet has also had a massive impact on Eleanor, her husband and their one year old son - the whole family has a new lease on life, and the energy and positivity is phenomenal.

Petite Kitchen is the nurtured result of this transformation. It is inspiring that food, the very thing that is causing obesity, depression and health epidemics of unfathomable proportions, is also the answer to curing, cleansing, and fixing our body and mind. Simply by exchanging sugar and grains for whole, natural and unprocessed alternatives, you can enjoy life's delicious pleasures whilst creating positivity in both your mental and physical life.

I encourage all of you, in fact, I think you owe it to yourself to give Eleanor's recipes a try, and see how they can turn your life around. Don't think because it's healthy, it's boring, far from it. You can enjoy such scrumptious delights as Espresso Fudge Brownie, White Chocolate and Raspberry Almond Muffins, and how about Garlic Beef Burgers with Smokey Chilli Tomato Sauce?! It will be the best $30 you ever spent!


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous Vic. I really need this book! xxx

    1. A great investment for your kids' health, and if it works on their behavior too - even better! :) x

  2. Yum. all looks amazing! thanks for sharing

  3. This is fantastic Vic! My sister has severe eczema and I am prone to break-outs of it when I am very stressed. The impact it has on my sister's life is immense and she often has to use strong medication with endless side-effects. I have emailed this link to her and I will certainly be making a note of this book to purchase in a few months. Thanks for posting this! x

  4. What a fantastic book... and with such a lovely story behind it. My heart goes out to kids with severe eczema, and there's no doubt that a bad diet causes behavioral problems. I bet this will sell out fast!! x

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  6. For sure it would be a good book. I am looking for a such kind of recipe journal. Finally I found it. Thanks for sharing it.


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