Thursday, 24 October 2013

3 Wishes | The Scout

If you haven't discovered the amazing website, The Scout, then I'm more than happy to introduce you - you can thank me later :) Founded and run by best mates, Jacqui and Tara, The Scout brings you fabulous home inspiration, products and trends. After spending long hours trawling the internet looking for their 'must have' items, only to be disappointed that they couldn't get them in New Zealand, Jacqui and Tara only feature products that can be bought in New Zealand, or can be shipped here by global retailers - that is brilliant!

I decided they would be the perfect candidates for my next '3 wishes' post. For those who are not familiar with them, I get two 'friends' of mine to submit a product that is top of their wish list, and I choose the third. But because The Scout girls are forever hunting for incredible products, I knew they'd have way more than one thing on their list, so they have chosen all three. They did not disappoint, check out the amazing products they've chosen...

We’ve both been lucky enough to have had a sneak preview of super talented Tauranga artist, Mandy Williams’ beautiful new series of original artwork ‘Feathers & Spikes’. These striking pieces immediately draw me in with their seductive and elegantly woven mix of identity, culture and nature. My blank walls are screaming out for Mandy’s inspiring new artwork but my problem is deciding on which ones - I want them ALL! - Jacqui

'The Wood's - decorative hand blown glass sculpture. A collaboration between Norwegian design studios StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesyik. I’ve been wooed by this cute little cluster of trees and its whimsical design. The colour combo represents the seasons and they look like they’ve been removed straight from the pages of a children’s picture book. A quirky, fun and ‘just because’ piece! (Still scouting out how to get these to NZ) - Tara

On both of our wish lists is a leather Butterfly Chair (originally haling from Argentina), teamed with a gorgeously soft New Zealand sheepskin. We’re both in awe of the whole scandi aesthetic and this minimilistic, simplistic look fits perfectly with the Butterfly chair’s timeless style... and the fact that once you sit down it’s very hard to get up again! Stuck in the lap of luxury, YES please!

Thank you so much Jacqui and Tara for your wish list - I love them all!


  1. Thank you so much for having us on your wonderful blog Vic - such an honour to be asked! Jacs & Tara xx

    1. You are so welcome. I loved having you both, thanks for sharing your 3 wishes with us. x

  2. Great concept, I look forward to checking out The Scout, and judging by their wishlist, they obviously have amazing taste! Love all their choices x


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