Tuesday 1 October 2013

My Recipe for Glamour

Dark inky blue, and rich cobalt blue - two of my favourite cool tones. Warm them up with a touch of decadent gold or brass and you've got something quite special. A pinch of black for depth, and a splash of white for freshness - this is my recipe for glamour!

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  1. I simply LOVE your blog. I have (tried to) cut back on what I look at each day on the computer, and your blog made it to the Bookmark Toolbar! It's a breath of fresh air each day, so pretty.

    1. Aaww Heather, you've made my day :) Thank you so much. I know what you mean, I've just unsubscribed from a bunch of emails to try and make my inbox less crazy every morning, and just kept my faves. I'm honoured I made your fave list! x

  2. HHmm.. love these tones. They go hand in hand with gold don't they? And I love the crisp white contrast x


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