Thursday 17 October 2013

A Touch of Marble

We are currently renovating our bathroom, something that I'm super excited about, as it's been a looong time coming. Our home is a constant work in progress, and we've left the bathroom and kitchen until last. These are usually costly spaces to renovate, and I wanted to do it right.

I'm a big fan of marble, especially the soft and subtle patterns found in Carrera marble, and would've loved to have included it in our new bathroom. Unfortunately my husband doesn't share that love! He thinks of marble as being old fashioned, and even though I showed him countless images of marble in cool, contemporary settings, he still wouldn't sway!

all images from my bathroom Pinterest board

Actually, I tell a lie... he did sway a little bit, and nearly gave in. But I could tell his heart wasn't really in it, and I want him to be as excited as me with the end results. So although I won't be having a marble bench top or tiles, I've decided I can still get my marble fix throughout our home, just in smaller doses.

triangle gift boxes | iPhone 5 case | marble trivet | candle holder

These are all very cool options, but I may even take it a step further and get this gorgeous marble top side table. Yes, love it! What about you... are you a fan of marble?

Marly side table


  1. Oh I love marble too, it has such a timeless elegance. We have some dark grey marble chopping boards arriving soon at Surrey Park.

    1. Ooh, will definitely keep my eye out for them Kim, thanks :) x

  2. As you know I'm a big fan. It's a shame about hubby, but regardless your bathroom will turn out beautifully. The marble accessories are all gorgeous. I want them all! x

    1. Yes, he's very tolerant really, pretty much lets me do what I want with our interior, and puts up with a lot of pink. So I'm OK with adding marble in smaller doses x

  3. Can’t go wrong with the classics! I would definitely like to make a bathroom with marble as my main material, just to have that classy feel while you soak. Although I think a marble iPhone case is going too far. Haha!


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