Wednesday 16 October 2013

Fotographie by Florence

At a recent Bibby + Brady styling evening I met the lovely and talented Florence Charvin of Fotographie by Florence. Originally from France, Florence lives here in Hawke's Bay with her Kiwi husband and three adorable children. She is a fantastic photographer, and when looking through her portfolio I was absolutely charmed by the beautiful vintage feel of a lot of her photos.

Her creative talent spills over into her own home as you can see in these delightful photos.

As well as beautiful portraits, Florence is also available for weddings, fashion, and commercial shoots. She has done a lot of work for Redcurrent, and has most recently worked with Redcurrent owner, Rebecca Kain, on her book Faded Glamour - Nostalgia Revisited. The book was a journey of Rebecca's that took her back in time to the lives of her grandmothers, their homes and their way of living. It was built on a belief that the best things improve with time, developing a patina that comes with human use and love.

Here is just a taste of Florence's photographs that you can find in the book. Don't you think this would make a great gift?! Why not put one aside for a Christmas present.

To see more, and to keep up to date with Florence's work, make sure you visit her blog.


  1. Hi Vic - Florence's photography is beautiful.. as is her home! I love her dining chairs and have been doing a bit of research into this style recently. If Florence is happy to divulge, I'd love to know where she purchased them from. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Fiona. You can get those chairs from a friend of Florence's - Warren at Boudi ( Tell him I sent you. x

  2. Thanks so much Vic. I've contacted Warren at Boudi.. told him I spotted the chairs on Cush and Nooks and that you'd pointed me in the right direction! Cheers, Fiona

    1. Great, I'm sure they'll look fantastic Fiona x


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