Tuesday 29 October 2013

Spots 'n Stripes

Spots and stripes - the two most basic patterns - I love them both. I often use them when decorating children's rooms for their striking simplicity and sense of fun. I tend to associate spots with little girls, and stripes with boys...

1: Harper + Hudson necklace | 2: Polka Dot kantha quilt | 3: Wunway Tara dress | 4: Polka Dot wall decals

1: Paperboy Stripes wallpaper | 2: Moped bunting | 3: Minti Bronx shorts | 4: Carnival Stripe rug

Of course, they are completely gender neutral, and you can dress your little ones in, or decorate their rooms with either. Or better still, why not both!


  1. Snap Vic, Ive gone a little dotty on the blog today too! Amy x

    1. Thanks so much for featuring my quilts on your blog Amy. You're a gem :) x

  2. Beautiful! Love those bedcovers Vic

  3. I didn't realise you sold the spotted quilts Vic, great to know - they are gorgeous! Love the polka dot dress too x


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