Friday 18 October 2013

Groovy Magnets

I know we've all seen chalkboard paint before, and it's pretty cool, right?! Well look what I've just found... magnetic chalkboard wallpaper! So cool, it's comprised of iron particles on a vinyl base, which means you can hang the wallpaper on your wall, then cover it in magnets. It would be brilliant in kids' rooms, where the artwork is constantly changing with new masterpieces and the latest pop star posters. And the black base would make all the artwork 'pop', not to mention you can draw all over it too.

But wait... there's more! Groovy Magnets, a Belgian label, have also produced these adorable magnetic wallpapers featuring heart-warming animal and bird images. A drop of wallpaper, in either 25 inch or 50 inch widths, with the print at the base. Like the chalkboard wallpaper they're receptive to magnets, - I absolutely love them!

For more information pop over and check out the Groovy Magnets website for yourself.


  1. What a fabulous idea, I love the rabbit paper too.

    Lee :)

    1. I think they're fantastic Lee. I'm having trouble choosing my favourite x


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