Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Izzy and Jean Co.

A couple of months ago I blogged about the home of Amber Lewis, an LA interior designer with an uncannily similar design aesthetic to me. I was inundated with emails and messages from people asking me where they could get a rug like the one in Amber's dining room.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that the fabulous Izzy and Jean Co. are now stocking a selection of these incredible Kilim rugs. Originating from Anatolia, Turkey, these vintage rugs are hand woven on a wooden loom as part of a dowry, and would've taken 7-8 months to weave. The 'eye' (zig zag) pattern has a special place in Turkish nomadic culture. It signifies banishing evil and danger, and represents luck, abundance and health. Now that alone seems like a really good reason to buy one of these beauties (as if I need a reason!).

If, like me, you love colour and pattern then have a look at these delicious Fouta Towels. I have a couple of these and they are so handy...  take them to the beach where they double as a towel and a picnic blanket, or even a sarong. Anything that looks good and is practical is a winner in my book. Hand loomed by Tunisian women, these towels are bigger, but less voluminous than a regular bath towel. They're softer, more absorbent, dry faster, and more resistant to colour fading. They'd make a great gift too, with Christmas approaching.

Another of the Izzy and Jean products that I really love are these Avarcas Pons, an everyday, all occasion sandal made with a leather upper and a lightweight rubber sole. Avarcas are the traditional footwear from the island of Menorca, Spain, and Avarcas Pons is a family owned business in Menorca that has been handcrafting the footwear since 1945. Their shoes carry the 'Product of Menorca' stamp that ensures the highest quality standard and the authenticity of the traditional avarca.

I've got my eye on a gold pair...

Or how about a pair of Moroccan Kilim Boots?! They're handmade in Marrakech from leather and vintage kilim rugs. Each pair is unique, and the leather gets softer with age and wear.

As well as plenty of amazing things for your home and wardrobe, we can't forget the men in our lives! Izzy and Jean stock a great selection of products for the blokes, including these cool Harris Tweed Toilet Bags. In fact you can find something for everyone in this awesome online shop, so pop over and see the full range for yourself.


  1. Oh Izzy and Jean are the best! I have specified these rugs in a few projects and the clients love them.

  2. I was stoked to hear from Claire last week about the Avarcas - I've had my eye on them for a while! x


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