Tuesday 30 July 2013

Birds on the Wall

I posted an image on Facebook recently featuring a beautiful big photo of a budgie, which received a lot of favorable attention. I love birds, they feature a lot in our home, and there's something about the drama of a large scale photograph that draws me in every time.


The photo is the work of talented Sydney photographer, Leila Jeffreys. I've seen her work in numerous publications, and they are all incredible - the colours, the detail, and the beauty of the birds. With a fascinating childhood, living in India, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, Leila spent a lot of time surrounded by animals. Her love of wildlife still remains, and with so many amazing birds in Australia, she has plenty of enchanting models.


I love how Leila captures the character of the birds through their expression and poses. Some, apparently, are a dream to work with, sitting very still while they listen to Leila - she talks to them throughout the shoot. Budgies can be challenging as they are constantly on the move, and cockatoos are the ultimate show off.

I think my favourite is Neville the Cockatoo - so cute, he makes me smile! Check out
Olsen Irwin Gallery if you're interested in buying any of Leila's work.

We have our own talented artists here in New Zealand. Hawke's Bay photographer,
Brian Culy, has a trio of gorgeous bird photographs.

And Margaret Petchell paints exquisite detail in her large acrylic bird portraits.

Mother nature is remarkable, and these works of art are all brilliant reminders of that.


  1. I must admit I am more of a dog/cat lover than bird lover, but have to admit those prints are stunning... I seem to be drawn to the sparrow, I guess because I am working with neutral colours at the moment.

    Lee :)

    1. I am the biggest dog lover, Lee. What I love about all these images, is that it makes you look at, and appreciate, birds more - up close they're pretty amazing, even the little sparrow. x

  2. i love their expressions, they are so funny!! xx

  3. These are incredible! Like Lee, I am more of a dog lover than a bird lover but you would never get the same detailing with a dog! The picture of the cockatoo made me laugh out loud as my mom adored birds and had a really annoying cockatoo called Cheeky who had a similar expression. She terrorised me as a child and when my mom died, my auntie took her - every time I phone home I hear her squawking at the dog in the background.

  4. These are so delightful! I was meaning to reply to your comment on my post on Justine Hugh-Jones to say check out that dining area image, as I knew you would love it! I'm so glad you found it!! Some amazing artworks there x x


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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