Thursday 11 July 2013

Surfer's Paradise

Don't let me mislead you with the title of this post. This home is not in Surfers Paradise, Australia, but in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. It is, however, a surfer's paradise, and everything my Mr. would love in a home - easy walking distance to a great surf beach; an outdoor bath, shower, and swimming pool for when you're not surfing; and relaxed, easy-care living with great indoor/outdoor flow.

Lucky enough to live here are Wojtek and Frances Orzechowski, and their son, Tadjio. The U-shaped central living area is sheltered from prevailing winds, so the swimming pool and covered dining area get plenty of use.

The slatted wooden doors that separate the master bedroom from the pool area provide a nice contrast to the vertical wooden walls. The master bedroom is calm and serene with a dressing area tucked away behind the wall that also acts as a headboard.

Tadjio has a dream bedroom with a triple layered bunk bed, and the ladder also leads to a communal study above.

The dining and living areas are decorated in beachy tones to enhance the relaxed vibe.

The Orzechowski's worked with local architect and close friend, Tessa van Schaik, when it came to designing and building their home. As a proud Kiwi, I loved discovering that their initial inspiration came from a New Zealand home.

via House & Leisure

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  1. it's interesting, because it could very well be straight out of an australian setting...such similarity in materials and colours...but then a similar climate i guess...very nice home!

    1. There are similarities to NZ as well. We're all down under though aren't we. x

  2. Woohooo! Plet is a few towns over from where I grew up so I am a little biased but I luuuurrve it! The bedroom is my idea of perfection but the dining room with the big banquette benches and the fact that it opens on to the pool really won my heart.

    1. I thought you might like this one Meghan. Plenty of great surf beaches where you're heading. x

  3. What a lovely relaxed and practical home. The covered dining area opening onto the pool is somewhere I would love to be right now!

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  5. Ha, I did for a second think ooh you'd found a nice home in my hometown - Surfers Paradise!! hehe. Love this place though, even if I'm not a surfer x

  6. Wow - I'd take a holiday home like that any day! x


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