Friday 5 July 2013

The Home of a Graphic Designer

One of my favourite posts to do on my blog are mini tours of homes that I adore. I get so inspired and love seeing how different people express themselves through their surroundings. This home belonging to Athens-based graphic designer, Tomy Karaiskos, makes me smile.

His love of art is obvious, and I love his choice of furniture - simple, clean lines, sculptural. The warm wood tones, and splashes of colour balance the stark white walls, and everything on display is beautiful.

Thanks to Singulares Magazine for introducing me.


  1. Gorgeous Vic, Love the kitchen and all of those open shelves. Amy x

  2. The gallery walls caught my eye, along with that wonderful breakfast nook. Oh and I love that the kitchen is so beautifully organised! x

  3. I love this home! I remember seeing it in Singulares and it really struck a chord, great to see it again, and be able to pin some images. Thanks for sharing!! x

  4. Love this place, it all works so well together. I never would have guessed it to be Athens though! Thanks for the inspiration x

  5. Love all the deco in this place. Very stylish. The white wall really makes all the furnitures stand out.

  6. Thanks por sharing!
    Greetings from the team Singulares.

    1. You're welcome, thank you Singulares :) x


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