Thursday 18 July 2013

Poppets and Rugs

I do a lot of my shopping online, and I always get excited when the package arrives. It's even more exciting when you're not expecting anything. That's what happened yesterday, when the courier handed over a beautifully packaged box with a colourful Happy Little Poppets sticker on top. I opened the box to find pink tissue paper cushioning a little brown bag.

The bag was filled with Smarties, which echo the coloured polka dots on the sticker - so gorgeous, I love that! As I dug deeper I found a collection of Happy Little Poppets products, including a Moisturising Lotion, Nourishing Baby Oil, Hair & Body Wash, Handcrafted Soap, and All Over Balm.

The range is the newest addition to the NZ Skincare Company family. Born by Mother Nature, it's designed to nourish and protect skin naturally, keeping your precious little ones happy inside and out. Young skin is thinner and more fragile than adult skin, so it can more easily absorb potentially harmful ingredients found in some skincare products. Happy Little Poppets contains only safe, plant-based ingredients, like lovely manuka honey, renowned for it's healing properties, calendula oil for it's anti-inflammatory and regenerative benefits, and calming lavender oil.

The products look and sound just perfect, and I'm so impressed with the packaging (that's the graphic designer in me coming out!). My own little poppets are quite big now, but I know a little baby boy who will love these. I can't think of anything better than using gentle, all natural products on someone so precious. Thank you Catie, and NZ Skincare Company.

And there's something else I've been meaning to share with you. Ingrid Anderson, our very own New Zealand textile designer, has been working with a Christchurch rug company to translate her Pohutukawa and Kaka Beak designs into pure New Zealand wool rugs. Inspired by a love of New Zealand's native flora and fauna, Ingrid's designs have an innate connection to our local heritage, with a beautiful contemporary style.

The result of her rugs is a lovely, thick tufted finish with explosions of colour on a straw background. A beautiful lasting piece of local design to add to your living room, and particularly complimentary to natural wood flooring. The Kaka Beak would also be perfect in a corporate setting.

Both rugs are available to purchase through the Cush & Nooks online shop. I highly recommend you go and check them out. These are the sort of pieces that will become family heirlooms, and you know how I feel about rugs - they add warmth, texture, and are perfect for pulling a room together - big love!


  1. Thats such a lovely surprise for you Vic and the rugs look awesome. x

  2. OMG the rugs are gorgeous. The kakabeak is fantastic. Would also look amazing on a wall...

  3. I made the switch to more natural facial products years ago and my skin has never looked better. If I had little ones, Happy Little Poppets would be my first choice (they are surprisingly affordable too)!

  4. What a lovely surprise, I wish I got some of those :). The rug is fabulous, I spotted it last week when I was looking around at carpets.

    Lee :)

  5. Isn't the Little Poppets range gorgeous? I'm looking forward to gifting mine on too... might have to keep the smarties though! The rugs are stunning - a great addition to your store! x

  6. I am such a big fan of how those rugs match the room so perfectly! I have been looking at some designer rugs to put into the new house that I just moved into recently. I think that they add a something very unique to whatever space that you will be putting them in.


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