Friday 26 July 2013

So Vintage

I'm really excited to be able to share with you all an amazing new shop based in Hawke's Bay called So Vintage. I can't tell you how happy I am that this shop is in my backyard, but never fear, their online shop and Facebook page means that they can reach much further than our beautiful sunny shores.

The brain child of Korreen and Mehdi, So Vintage is a shop full of wonderful vintage and industrial treasures brought back from France, including vintage leather armchairs; original Jielde industrial floor lamps; Parisian bistro tables and 1900's farm tables with incredible history; and much much more.

After living in Mehdi's home country, France, for some time, the couple made the move back to Korreen's home, New Zealand, in 2009. They share a passion for vintage and industrial objects, and were able to spend a lot of time exploring the local brocantes while they were living in France.

They brought a lot of their finds with them to New Zealand, but it wasn't long before Korreen and Mehdi began to miss their treasure hunts. The idea for So Vintage began to formulate - they could use their knowledge of France and it's vintage shops, fill a container with interesting pieces and bring them back to share with others in New Zealand.

We're a very young country here in New Zealand, and we don't have the same history as the European countries. To have access to the original vintage pieces that Korren and Mehdi have discovered for us is so exciting. They will be going back to France regularly and would love to hear from you if there is anything in particular you'd like them to hunt down. They can also supply bulk items for shop fittings and commercial purposes.

And just in time for all my lovely readers, So Vintage is having a sale on their website this weekend - Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July - 10 to 30% OFF EVERYTHING! So go and have a look now and make sure you pop back over this weekend for the chance to grab a very special bargain. To keep up to date with all their new arrivals follow So Vintage on Facebook, and if you're ever in Te Awanga give Mehdi and Korreen a ring, I'm sure they'd be happy to show you around.


  1. Thanks for showcasing another gem of a store, it's wonderful to know about these types of places sourcing really unique, very special pieces.

  2. You Kiwis are such a stylish bunch! It looks like I will have to hop on a plane on a regular basis and shop up a storm! This place is a real gem and how fabulous that you will have someone to pop over to Europe and find what you are looking for!

  3. Wow, impressive collection of vintage finds - I bet you'll be popping in regularly. I know I would! I'll definitely check out their website x

  4. Great new find, thanks, Vic! A definite stop-off point next time I am up your way on a girl's trip! Their on-line shop is excellent - I've just been on it. Rx


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