Monday 29 July 2013

New at Tea Pea

One of my favourite online shops, Tea Pea, has an abundance of gorgeous new products
in-store. Meg & Scott do a fantastic job at keeping Tea Pea fresh and vibrant by regularly introducing new pieces for our children and homes, as well as maintaining all their faithful favourites.

These beautiful rugs are made from felt with the floral pattern cleverly woven into the felt. Not only do they make great floor rugs, but they can also be used as a throw on your bed or sofa.

One of my favourite new additions are the adorable round crochet rugs. Available in aqua & pink, and blue & grey, they're 100% cotton, and, like the floral felt rugs, can be used as a throw or a floor rug. I love adding circles into rooms - they soften all the angles that you find in our furniture, doors and windows.

Kids love bean bags, and you're going to love the range stocked at Tea Pea. 100% cotton knit, they're soft and cosy for your little ones to snuggle into, and come in four cute designs.

What about these cool cloud coathangers?! They are super popular, and have been flying out the door, so be in quick for yours. Too precious to hide away in the wardrobe you should use them to display a favourite outfit, or simply as a piece of art. Hang jewellery or scarves over them, or attach little toys and use as a mobile.

Something else you can display on your cloud coathanger is this delightful 3m white felt garland. You may have seen the coloured felt garland already, but this white version is beautiful, like tiny snowballs.

Let's finish with these brightly coloured powder coated wire baskets. So cool, and so many uses. I'd like a large one to store my girls' collection of soft toys; and I'm wondering if I could turn one into a fun light shade(?) I don't know if that could work, but it sure would look great with a bright coloured cord.

I love Tea Pea's unique product range, and this is just a small selection I've chosen to show you. Make sure you go and see their full range for yourself.


  1. They have such a great selection. I am crushing on those cloud coat hangers and I just did a post on my love of wire baskets last week!

  2. Love the cross bean bag and cloud hangers! The DIY lamp idea sounds cool too x


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