Tuesday 9 July 2013

Lotta Agaton - Contrast & Texture

You know that colour rules my world. But I really do admire and appreciate spaces that are beautifully decorated in a more neutral manner. The Scandinavians do neutral so well. With black and white they bring contrast, but the most important thing when styling a neutral space, in my opinion, is texture. Texture brings life and interest, mix it, layer it, lots of it.

Lotta Agaton is one amazing Scandinavian stylist. These photos are all part of her portfolio. This is how you do neutral! Remember... contrast and texture.

I couldn't resist adding these last two photos, with the shot of fresh green - doesn't it look brilliant?! I love the rug, it looks like lush green grass.


  1. Hi Vic - couldn't agree with you more about texture and contrast if doing neutral. The Scandies use lots of shaggy sheepskin rugs etc and they look great. But just look at what a zing the greens add to the whole scene? Makes it pop! Love the rug, too!! You could get scented candles that smell of freshly cut grass, and would feel like a summers day, but without the energy expenditure on mowing!! R

  2. The green reminds me of Spring, hopefully it's not too far away. Such a mild winter we are having in Auckland.

    Lee :)

  3. Oooooooh I am in heaven! You know how I feel about neutrals and yes, neutrals are nothing without texture! I had to pin all of these! x

  4. I'm dying to go to her shop in Sweden one day, just to soak up all the wonderful monochrome goodness. If her styling work is any indication, her shop has got to be heaven.

  5. Total love for Lotta Agaton ... pin pin pin!! x x

  6. Lotta Agaton is so talented, I love all her work, it has an edge to it that i find so appealing! Thanks for sharing. /Niki


It's lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Vic xxx

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